Born in 2018, Ronald “Ron Ron” Sprinkles was the first ever digital sticker featured in the former Pizza Party app. After the app sunsetted in 2020, Ronnie spent a few years living in his car (#vanlife) and working odd jobs like amateur water slide tester and door-to-door hotdog salesman. Ronald is also an avid potato chip collector (and eater). He has chips in the shape of Abraham “Turkey Sandwich” Lincoln, Count Chocula, and Mark “Metaboy” Zuckerberg, to name a few. He’s also a party animal. But be warned, he’s a notorious double dipper.

Fast forward to present day, Ronnie is ready for his triumphant return as a generative NFT collection. His set has 5,000 unique NFTs made from 160+ hand-drawn traits, plus over 30 legendary 1 of 1’s. Each Ron Ron costs .03 ETH (+ gas) with a portion of the primary market proceeds benefiting the GracieStrong Foundation.


  • Launch

    The public Ronnie Sprinkles Mint is now live! Our generation 1 collection has 5,000
    generative NFTs created from over 160 hand-drawn traits.

  • Free T-shirts!

    For every 100 NFTs sold, we will give a random owner a FREE t-shirt with their unique Ron Ron NFT printed on it (plus a few surprises).

  • Post-Launch

    After all the NFTs are collected, one lucky owner will get a physical painting by Ron Ron’s creator, Erick Laubach. Hand painted with a brush and acrylic paint on 24”x18” wood panel.

  • Early Access

    Get exclusive first access to future drops and new releases. Ice Cream Social coming soon!


Note: The minting process is 100% random. Results will vary.